34502395KaRene Egemo “Keenie” as she was known to family and friends, passed away in February 2004 at the age of 67.  She will always be remembered as a woman with strong Christian values who built her business by treating her clients with honesty and integrity.  She liked Proverbs 3:6…In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths.

Jane Berg , KaRene’s daughter, started working for Egemo Realty in 1979 and has carried on her mother’s last wishes, to keep her office going!  Jane took over as Broker of Egemo Realty when her mother passed away and has continued the tradition of excellence that people have come to know & expect.


In her own words:
I started in the Real Estate business by buying & fixing up older houses & apartment buildings.  After work at night, I would get on the blue jeans & work until midnight & sometimes until 2 or 3 in the morning.  The family got into the act too. Our daughter Jane tells about spending her 16th birthday helping me wallpaper.  So I just want you to know that through all this story, it wasn’t just me doing all of these things…no possible way can people accomplish much without the help, encouragement & support of those around them who had to put up with cold sandwiches instead of a hot meal sometimes.  And maybe other sacrifices too, like no slumber party cause an apartment had to be done so someone could get moved in.

Because we were buying & selling Real Estate, I decided that maybe it would be a good idea to get my license and at least the commission I got on the sale could help with the down payments.  So in Feb. of 1975 I decided to study for my license & in May I took my test & passed & got my license.  It was a scary thing to give up my job at the Hormel Credit Union, because as a Real Estate Salesperson, you are an Independent Contractor, which means that you have no benefits.  It was a hard decision.

The Real Estate business in the late 70’s was booming & people from the credit union & other people I knew were buying houses & I kept thinking if only I had the nerve to go into it full time, I could be selling them their houses.  So finally after 2 years of having my license, and praying about it a lot, I decided to quit my job & go full time into Real Estate.

I had no great goals for becoming the #1 Real Estate Firm in Fort Dodge.  I just wanted to be my own boss, take care of my husbands books, have a good place for our renters to drop off their rent checks & if someone wanted to come in & buy a house from me, well, I’d be here to sell it to them!!  Not too motivated was I?  Well, I would get a listing & I just wouldn’t rest until it was sold & the word got around that if you wanted to get your house sold, Give it to KaRene!!